Driver Quickstart

Jet07 welcomes you. Now, let’s earn money every day! Hey! We are super excited to have you onboard Thank You for signing up! We are glad you are here!

Driver On Boarding

Well done by registering you have taken your first step toward a happier, successful life, we inspire the best work in you and enable you to achieve your goals. We’ll do everything we can to help and support you.Our onboarding process increases engagement, satisfaction, retention, and loyalty of employees. New hires learn the skills, behaviors, attitudes, and characteristics required to deliver an efficient performance within a company.

Driver Training

We are pleased to announce that Jet07 has organized a training session for the newly registered drivers as a part of their orientation program. The training session is starting from 6th March 2021.

Place Of Training: H-59, Sec-63, Noida (U.P.) – 201301

Timings: 11:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M.


We are delighted to see that you’re up and running with Jet07.

One of our executive will visit you on 10th Sept 2020, with a short demo video, that shows you ins and outs of our retailer app to help you get most out of the app. We will also give you an understanding of our processes, how we operate, infrastructure and policies.

Driver On Boarding

Define Timeline, Unique working environment, Different assessment Driver’s success with respect to onboarding technically, organizationally, and socially.

Jet07 driver onboarding includes many things right from the initial sign up, fill required fields of their profile, upload all necessary documents, go through background check verification, schedule an orientation, avail their welcome kit, (ID cards, manual book, company T-shirts) to educating them on how they can go on with their day to day work, how to use an application, what rewards they will gain based on the rating and reviews of customers, their promotion structure, how they can avail their health and other benefits, the kind of career path they can chart with us. How they can do overtime hours and more. Training about different policies and practices around communication, and more.

We strive to offer proactive onboarding which is strategically organized using a human resource management approach. It is one that helps the new hires succeed early on and focuses retention and doesn’t feel like following a checklist of mundane disjoint activities that the new hires have to drag their way through.
So start your Happy Journey with Jet07! GET, SET, AND GO!

Driver Training

Put the key in the ignition and design your driving future with Jet07.We prepare you for the highway of life! Be a wise driver!

A driver will undergo technical training on operating vehicle, it also covers the use of all the elements of the application, and anything extra that the drivers need to know to provide a high-quality service before they are passed on to their first haul. We also make drivers aware of what is expected of them. We ensure that the drivers are comfortable with our policies, protocols, and work environment, each one should be on the same page by making them familiar with how things are done.


Partner with us to get complete visibility, to improve performance in key areas of order accuracy and shipments timeliness. Enhance your supply chain collaboration with Jet07.

Our aim is to bring greater efficiency in the process of onboarding new retailers on the platform and empower them with a wider reach and local delivery services. The onboarding process involves training, verification, ongoing communication, review, and approval. With strategic onboarding,, we strive to meet the overall company’s goals and profitability. We equip retailers to feel welcome, productive, and happy during their onboarding. Improve your business’s bottom line with our onboarding program.