Sciences & Healthcare


Looking for a logistics partner who is well versed in the stringent regulations of the life sciences supply chain and healthcare logistics industry? Then Jet07 is the right choice for you. Healthcare is ever-changing due to regulatory complexities and other environmental factors presenting unique supply chain challenges for customers. Associating with a professional and innovative supply chain company is a need of an hour since the availability of products is critical and logistic performance is essential to meet your everyday service commitment, now and in the future. We at Jet07 understand how important product quality and chain of custody are in the healthcare industry. Our entire team is dedicated to supporting our temperature-controlled supply chain network through integrated storage and distribution services that ensure product protection, compliance, and efficacy. High value and fragile shipments are delivered via dedicated vehicles to minimize damage risk and are protected by a validated and reliable in house event escalation process for managing high-value shipments throughout the distribution cycle. Our goal is to bring unparalleled value to our customers through added visibility, compliance, and control. We provide customized supply chain solutions that are specifically crafted to the needs of our customers and ensure quality, safety, and security. Our awareness to critical communications with an advanced end to end visibility ensures secure delivery exceeds the demanding expectations.

Our Services

  • Door to door transport requirement.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Packaging solutions (custom packing and crating for a full range of temperature requirements
  • Delivery of temperature-sensitive goods on time and in optimum condition.
  • Supplier management
  • Transport network optimization
  • Creation of comprehensive SOP and SLA with subcontractors
  • Re-icing and re-packaging

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the supply chain faces the challenging environment that coronavirus has created, so our team is supporting clients with the transportation of medical supplies and urgent freight requests. Please feel free to reach out, if we can support your logistics operations at this time.