Retail & Consumer


If you want total visibility, business management, and just in time service, then we are here to deliver your goods on time and in the most efficient manner. We focus on our customer’s strategic initiatives to truly become an extension of your company, expedite and rescue services to meet production schedules, and more. Our shipment mode optimization, nimble pick-packing,and kitting operation offer disaster contingency plans and rerouting of product in transit, so you are never without the products you need to operate your business. We work with companies to pinpoint specific problems in their supply chain and work together to create a solution. We then implement the solution, train all related personnel, and record the results, this allows us to reiterate the process and make adjustments to the original solution if needed. We seek to continuously improve the processes of our retail customers. This enhances visibility and high-level business management for our customers.

We cover the entire gamut of retail and consumers. Our areas of expertise support customers from the world of fashion, cosmetics, sports and footwear, personal care, luxury goods, home equipment and furnishings, technology, household products, and eCommerce marketplaces. Our teams of experts can deliver the solutions, value-added logistics services, and support required.

We offer

  • Just in time deliver
  • Protective packaging
  • Product personalization and customization
  • Peak volume sales support
  • Un assisted night-time deliveries
  • Point of consumption locations
  • Dynamic SKU profiling
  • Package solutions
  • Technical delivery and installation
  • Temperature controlled storage and distribution

Many retail companies are turning to technologies such as mobile collaboration robots to improve collection times and speed compliance as well as the integration of technology to optimize delivery routes, all with the goal of delivering products directly to consumers’ doors faster than ever.

At Jet07 we seek to innovate and move forward with technology to provide our clients and strategic partners with integrated solutions that benefit their businesses, we constantly adopt changes to meet the final consumers and their demands and provide excellent customer service. Get In Touch Now!